Fruit Forest

Fruit Forest is made from all natural ingredients, with a high fruit & fibre content,
no added sugars and does not contain anything artificial! Suitable for Vegans.

100% Natural

No Added Sugar*


High in Fibre

No Artificial Anything!

Fruit Forest Fruit Snack

A healthy snack, 98% made of fruit, 100% natural, vegan, high in fibre and no artificial anything!



Mango Passion Fruit




Fruit Forest Fruit Syrup

Ideal to sweeten anything! Your favourite drinks, lemonades, pancakes, yogurts or bakings

will just taste that much sweeter.

Made solely from fruit, our Fruit Syrup has a high fiber content, a neutral sweet taste

does not contain anything artificial!

Fruit Forest Crispy Bites

Fruit Forest Crispy bites is a delicious 100% natural snack.
Made of Rice and Quinoa lovingly blended with Raspberries,
Pumpkin Seeds and Sunflower Seeds.
They are the perfect healthy snack at home or on the go.
Enjoy them wherever, whenever!