Rio Mints

Rio Mints are exceptional in freshness, flavor and design. Developed and manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards, Rio Mints offer an extraordinary experience to breath mint loving people around the world.

Rio Hot Mints

The only mint in the world that combines long lasting freshness and a sensationally spicy mouth feel. Rio Hot Mints are sugar free and contain no aspartame.

Spicy Mango

Spicy Passion Fruit

Rio Fruit Mints

Ultimately juicy and fruity, with the real fruit taste. Rio Cool Mints are sugar free and contain no aspartame.

Juicy Peach

Juicy Grape

Juicy Melon

Juicy Grapefruit

Rio Cool Mints

Icy strong mints for ultimate long lasting freshness in classic flavors. Rio Cool Mints are sugar free and contain no aspartame.

Cool Peppermint

Cool Spearmint

Rio Classics

The combination of great flavors, long lasting freshness and good looks has made Rio Classics a favorite for mint lovers all over the world.

Burgundy Grape

Pink Grapefruit

Passion Fruit

Juicy Lychee

Frosty Mint

Honey Melon

Cool Peach-Jasmine

Sweet Mango