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Sweetlife AG offers you sweet sensations that support a healthy lifestyle. For over 25 years, we deliver innovative sweeteners, mints and healthy snacks, delighting retailers and consumers world-wide. With our focus on high-quality standards, outstanding service and customer satisfaction, we are the ideal partner to help boost your sales. Enjoy your Sweetlife!

Brands & Private Label

Brand Highlight Fruit Forest

The new range of healthy, 100% natural vegan snacks. Delicious, on-trend and better for you!


Brand Highlight Rio

An extraordinary experience to breath mint loving people around the world.


Brand Highlight Sweetlife

A complete range of high-quality, low-calorie sweeteners in convenient formats.


Brand Highlight Private Label

For brands or retailers, we offer our private label sweeteners, mints and healthy natural snacks.


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New vegan snacking sensation: Crispy Bites!

Looking for something completely new on the snacking shelves? Here you go! Fruit Forest Crispy Bites are now in stock in 2 mouthwatering flavours: Raspberry & Apple.
* Vegan & Natural
* Crispy & Delicious
* Looks and tastes better than everything you know!

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