Private Label Sweeteners

Low-calorie sweeteners

Sweeteners are usually seen and used as a sugar substitute. Replacing sugar with sweeteners gives you the same sweet taste sensations, but without the calories that normally come with the intake of sugar. What’s more, they’re all gluten-free and available in vegan versions, without lactose. SweetLife’s sweetening solutions support the choice for a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy your SweetLife!


Sweeteners Manufacturer: Private label supplier

SweetLife supplies private label sweeteners to retailers worldwide. With over 25 years of experience in the field, we can safely state that our recipes and formats are at the forefront of the sweeteners industry. As a leading sweeteners manufacturer, we can help you develop your own brand with products suiting your market and target customer. A wide range of convenient packaging solutions and formats is available at your disposal and customized designs are always possible

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Stevia and Sucralose Sweeteners Supplier

Besides our basic range of Cyclamate-Saccharin-based sweeteners, we offer private label services for a unique range of Sucralose and Stevia recipes. Liquids, powders and tablets, for every kind of sweetening need, whether it’s for hot or cold drinks, baking, dressings, cooking or anything else. Many consumers can’t distinguish the taste of our sweeteners from regular sugar, resulting in delicious sweet products but guilt-free, due to the lack of calories and impact on your body.

Rio Sweeteners

We can support you in launching your range of private label sweeteners, but also offer our own brand range called Rio Sweeteners. A series of the most functional formats and tastiest sweetness recipes is directly available for order for your retail stores or distribution network. Feel free to get in touch with us to discuss your needs. We’re here to help you find your solutions to your sweetening needs!

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