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SweetLife creates innovative high-quality products and builds long-term business relationships. Our success is based on core values that make us a trusted partner for discerning retailers and wholesalers worldwide.

                Great Product Ideas

Continuous innovation

We are constantly looking for ways to offer new and exciting eating experiences. That's why innovation is a starting point in both product formulation, convenient retail and consumer packaging as well as service. This results in attractive business propositions and healthy sales.

Outstanding taste

Delighting consumers and retailers alike is our goal. One of the ways we do this is by delivering great-tasting products that fly off the shelves. For example, we believe sugar replacements should actually taste like sugar. We won't bring a product to market until our consumer panel confirms that this is the case.

high quality manufacturer
Global private label sweeteners supplier

Proven track record

We have over 25 years' experience meeting consumer demands in global and local markets. So it's no wonder our long-term partners include leading retailers and distributors throughout the world.

Flexible approach

Our in-house expertise in concepts, design and production makes us highly flexible when it comes customized solutions and short delivery times. We can respond faster than anybody in the industry and still offer competitive prices.

Healthy food products solutions

Healthier Products

Consumers want healthier, more responsible food options that are still packed with flavour. We help retailers meet this demand by delivering innovative, great-tasting products made from mainly natural ingredients, with fewer calories. In most cases they also have a lower Glycemic Index and they're vegan. This results in healthier and more responsible alternatives to traditional products for everyone.


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