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Whether you’re constantly sucking and chewing on mints throughout the day or enjoy them when you wish to freshen your breath, mints may actually be doing more harm than good. Many mints on the market contain sugar and can lead to tooth decay and cavities. Here at SweetLife we offer a great range of sugar free mints, which will help prevent these dental problems from arising.

Mints don’t need any sugar at all to have that sweet taste that we all enjoy. Our sugar free mints contain no sugar, but sorbitol or xylitol instead. Even though xylitol is a natural, sugar free sweetener, it has the same level of sweetness as sugar. It looks and tastes like sugar and has no bitter aftertaste. By replacing your standard mints with our wide choice of flavoured mints, you can continue enjoying mints, without the negative impact on your teeth or health. A variety of flavours is available in various convenient formats under our trusted Rio brand or for your private label



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