Rio Mints

Rio Mints are exceptional in freshness, flavour and design. Developed and manufactured to the highest Swiss quality standards, Rio Mints offer an extraordinary experience to breath mint loving people around the world. The unique flavours of our sugar free mints are available in convenient formats to suit all levels of retail and appeal to consumers worldwide.

Rio Classics

The combination of great flavours, long lasting freshness and fancy designs has made Rio Classics a favourite for mint lovers all over the world. 10 fashionable tins cover the whole spectrum of flavours. Whether you have a preference for fruity, sour, fresh or sweet, you’ll all find your personal favourite here!

Hot, Cool and Fruit Mints

A prolific range of flavours, something for every personality! Our Spicy Mango hot mint is only mint in the world that combines long lasting freshness and a sensationally spicy mouth feel. To balance the range we offer you icy strong mints for ultimate long lasting freshness in classic flavors Peppermint and Spearmint. Four flavours of Fruit Mints complete the range for all the colorful characters among you. All these come in a unique patented ‘snap tin’ which allow you to dispense your favorite mint with one hand.

Mini Mints

One hundred moments of delightful enjoyment in one trendy tin. Flavours you’ve never tasted in mints before, such as Ginger-Lime and Lemongrass. Delicate quality Ice Cool and Red Berry Mints complete a balanced range that offers delicate taste sensations to all of you.