SweetLife Sweeteners

SweetLife is a leading global manufacturer of sweeteners. We offer a wide range of options for enjoying sweetness as part of a healthier lifestyle. Our low-calorie sweeteners are great-tasting replacements for sugar. What's more, they’re all vegan and gluten-free. With over 25 years of market experience, our Swiss quality experts have developed a unique range for all types of retail. To maintain our leadership position, we continuously develop and fine-tune our Stevia, Sucralose and Cyclamate Saccharin recipes. As a result, we are a flexible and cost-effective partner for all your sweetening needs.


Sucralose Range

SweetLife’s Sucralose-based sweeteners offer a neutral sweet taste for hot drinks, baked items and even cereals and salads. Whether you need convenient tablet dispensers, bottled liquid or powder sticks, we have the right format for you. Our recipes are lactose-free, making them suitable for vegans. They’re gluten-free and low in calories too, so they’re ideal for health-conscious consumers.

Stevia Range

Our Swiss experts use the natural sweetener Stevia in some of the most innovative sweetening solutions on the market. Our Stevia-based recipes fulfil consumers' sweet cravings while remaining low in calories. We only use high-quality Stevia extract with a neutral taste for an optimal sweetness experience. A wide choice of formats includes powder sticks, jars, bottled liquid and easy-to-use tablet dispensers. Sweeten coffee, tea, baked items and much more with SweetLife’s Stevia!

SweetLife Originals

Our SweetLife Originals range offers a budget option for all your sweetening needs. It's sweetness without the calories! These Cyclamate-Saccharin-based recipes are available in a range of basic tablet dispensers. Another popular choice is our multipurpose liquid sweetener which comes in 200ml and 300ml bottles with a handy cap for perfect dosage.